Friday, October 9, 2015

October News (Shows, Origami and Castles)

As you may have seen here in May, or maybe on my website, I've been  making buildings/castles using origami boxes. 

For several years I have found myself doodling little city-castles like this one. 

So last winter I decided to build some.  I make origami boxes, while I'm in front of the TV, riding on the train, or sitting in meetings.  Here's a bunch.  As you can see I use maps, bits of magazines, newspapers, monotypes, and/or origami paper. 

Then I coat them all with a layer of encaustic wax medium and heat them with a heat gun so the medium soaks in....(see the dragon that wouldn't stay out of the picture?)

Then I start to attach them to a panel - this was my first step on my first one.  As you can see, I recycled an old panel for the background (do you see the little strip of one of my doodles in there?)

and this is how it ended up, with the background painted over.  

This one, Castle in the Orange Woods, and my most recently finished one, Tower of Babel, are both in the show Connections, October 15-18 at the unique Gallery Blink, 1953 Mass. Ave., Lexington, MA.  (Reception Friday, October 16, 5-9 PM).

 This is Babel, which was all folded out of texts in as many languages as I could easily find.

And here are a few details.

(I also have some work, not castles, in the current show at Gallery 7, 7 Nason St., Maynard, MA.  Oct 6 - November 7.  Reception Saturday, Oct 17, 7-9pm.)

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