Tuesday, June 21, 2016

I converted (my easel)

In 2013 Deb Claffey and I took a workshop at R&F from Alexandre Masino.  
It was a wonderful experience.  
One of the more basic take-homes was the idea that a completely vertical easel is an important part of a studio because it enables you to see your work as it will be seen when hung on a wall. 
When I got home I made a vertical easel…from 2x4’s and scrap wood I had in my shop. 

It may not be elegant, but it has served me well for many years.  
However, I recently started working on a 36” x 36” panel, and found that wrestling it on and off the easel in order to lay it flat for heavy painting, burnishing on collage material, or fusing was an awkward chore.  

I couldn’t reach the far edge very well, and the edges kept getting smashed.  There must be a solution.

I decided to try to make my easel convertible.  It took a lot of pondering – I needed something strong enough, yet easy to convert.  After a few near disasters I did it!  Here is my new easel.

From the back.

 Undoing the latches.

Letting it down.


 Now I can get around it to reach all sides too!

The latches that hold it up.

It still is not elegant, but then, neither am I…