Thursday, October 22, 2015

I've done it! Retired from my day job!

Yesterday was my last day at my day job. 
I've officially retired from Blueport Commerce, and now will be an artist full-time!  Woo Hoo!

While at work, I had a habit of making origami cranes (at meetings, on the train, whenever...). 
 I would give every new employee a crane, and sometimes gave them all around at holidays.  
Well, the whole company got together and repaid me in kind!  
Everyone folded some units and Rory put them all together into an amazing Phizz Torus!

 Here I am at the presentation trying to wear it (silly idea)...
and here it is at home on the table.  
It's about 26 inches in diameter, and (according to the instructions Josh sent) it has 360 units!  

Lots of people decorated their units, or signed their names, or even gave me sage advice! 
(don't worry Tania, getting messy is my favorite thing!)

Thank you everyone at Blueport!  You guys are amazing.

and now my challenge is to use my days well, and continue to work and grow as an artist.
Here goes nuthin'!!!